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Areas of Specialization

  • Initial Individual Assessments
  • Drug and Alcohol and Other Addictions Counseling
  • Individual and Couples Counseling
  • Interactive Therapy Integrating the Body, Mind and Spirit in the Management of Addictions
  • “Significant Other” Support and Assistance
  • Interventions
  • Family Counseling and Addiction Education

Deborah E. Blastic, BS, CADC

Addictions Specialist

"The phenomenon of addiction is transparent and complex. It thrives and achieves its end in the casual time and space of the everyday. The reality of the addict, however, is often secret and unique. It thrives first on its soul sickness in the tangled time and space of the lingering moment."

“The healing of the addict is as slow and sure as a heavy fog that eventually peels back to reveal a burning determined light of a new day in the time and space that yields to the promise of healing.”

Deborah’s career in addictions counseling began in 1992 at Eugenia Psychiatric Hospital. There she was a vital member of the “Safe Haven” staff specializing in providing an environment of healing for sexually abused and addicted women. Her specialty groups consisted of issues related to addiction, sexual abuse, eating disorders and anger management. Her work at Eugenia also included extensive counseling with adolescents as well as the general population.

Deborah’s commitment to those suffering from addictions led her to Villanova University, where she achieved her Certification in Addictions Counseling and her BS from Chestnut Hill College. She continued to counsel at Eugenia Hospital for over eight years. 

In 1998, Ms. Blastic joined Pennsylvania Hospital-Hall Mercer and continues to be the Director of the Dual Diagnosis, Intensive Outpatient Program in which she designed and formulated from the ground up. This program focuses on a unique population with many different mental disorders coupled with duties incumbent in assisting her clients back into the flow of life activities. Another vital component of her work is to refer patients to the appropriate care upon assessment of their stage of addiction. As an adjunct to her responsibilities as Director at Pennsylvania Hospital, Ms. Blastic has maintained a private practice specializing in addiction for the past fifteen years.

Group Therapy – this therapeutic environment helps women and men with issues relating to recovery. It was designed as a support group and educational group for those contemplating recovery and those actively in recovery. Thursday eve. 7-9. Call for more information.

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