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We are a comprehensive psychotherapy & psychiatric private practice created from the simple, common sense idea that people need one central location where they can receive a full range of mental health services of the highest quality.


Centra offers a complete range of psychological and psychiatric services to help our clients deal with life’s adult challenges. With specialists in multiple areas, our clinicians can address issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, anger management, life-cycle concerns, chronic illness, intimacy, relationships, divorce, sexuality, orientation, parenting, attention/ADHD/learning differences and life focus.


Centra offers a complete range of psychological and psychiatric services to help our clients deal with life’s childhood and adolescent challenges. Our therapists and psychiatrists can address issues such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD/learning differences, trauma, behavioral issues, traumatic brain injury, substance abuse, school performance, developmental disorders, orientation, family and social relationships.


Centra offers outstanding services in family therapy to address the particular dynamics in families at all life-cycle stages; from early childhood through adolescence and young adulthood to the relationships of adult children and their parents. Also, our specialists address parenting issues such as boundary setting, school difficulties/learning differences, drug and alcohol problems, behavioral issues as well as dealing with the emotional impact of trauma, separation/divorce, trauma and loss.

Substance Use Counseling

Centra clinicians have years of professional experience dealing with issues of drug and alcohol abuse and its impact on families, relationships and the workplace as well as assessing interacting factors such as trauma and affect disorders – depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder. Our certified drug and alcohol specialist’s expertise in the assessment and treatment of addictions has been honed from years in the field.

Our Services

All psychiatric services at Centra are provided by board certified and/or board eligible psychiatrists. Centra psychiatrists uniquely offer psychotherapy in addition to medication management and evaluation.

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We are currently seeking a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist - BC/BE licensed in New Jersey.
Please email CV to centrapc@snip.net.
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